About us


GenITeam is an award winning mobile app and game development company that offers development and publishing solutions from concept, development to app discovery. We have worked on diverse projects with a global customer base. Offering over 50 million global user base and years of experience across all major platforms including Facebook, IOS and Android, etc. We are a trusted partner for top tier mobile studios from around the world.

Proud to be rated among top 100 Asian companies by Red Herring (2012). Our passion for mobile solutions coupled with a dedicated team of expert mobile developers, engineers and designers and a fluid process methodology have allowed us to create some amazingly immersive and fun games and innovative apps for our customers . We continue to push boundaries and help our customers achieve their dreams.


  • Mobile apps - build apps for any business requirement to maximize your business.
  • Mobile games - 3D/2D games with full graphics including characters from scratch idea.
  • Gamification - profesional learning through game concept, for kids as well as adults.
  • Art work - 2D, 3D designs for mobile games and apps including character modeling.
  • Marketing - mobile App and game marketing for effective business.
  • Consultation - get help to maximize output from idea you want to pursue.